No page additions this week, but some important material worth taking a look at:


The link above is to an article from NPR, “the america donald trump is inheriting by the numbers”. A good reference point for the future.


(CW for implied sexual assault in the video linked to in this article)

A very useful commentary by a member of Pussy Riot about political activism and advice for being an activist. 


If you are in Florida representative district 12 please take the time to fill out this brief survey. It is very quick, just some multiple choice selections of what you would like to see addressed in the upcoming year. If this district does not apply to you, please look on your representative’s website, as they will probably have a similar form or survey.

The video linked above briefly covers protester and photographer rights. This includes: the right to assemble and peacefully protest, the right to photograph in public spaces, and the right to deny police access to photo / video without a warrant. 


Finally, it is worth noting that since the innaguration several pages have been removed from the White House website, including the LGBT rights page and references to climate change.

Stay safe and remember to call your representatives on a regular basis,



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