A friend of mine co-wrote this insightful article about the economic impact of ICE in Florida.

The price of ICE: The hidden cost of Trumpian anti-sanctuary city measures in Florida


As something of a middle ground, some point to the H-2A work visa as a legal means for filling the labor-intensive positions few Americans are willing to take. But the time-consuming and expensive process of securing the visas can deter growers with limited resources. Labor rights advocates also maintain that the program, which stipulates that workers stay tied to the same employer throughout the duration of their visa, leaves workers vulnerable to exploitation since it would be difficult to seek another employer in cases of abuse.

Regardless of status, migrant workers are sweating the inflammatory rhetoric painting them as criminals. Fried says the slurs propagated by Trump and his supporters are scaring undocumented workers into the shadows. “What used to be extreme has become mainstream,” Fried said. “That’s what’s so scary.”


Yesterday the U.S. government dropped its largest non-nuclear bomb on Afghanistan. This was a deliberate terrorist attack, targeting “one of the smallest militias [the U.S.] faces anywhere in the world”. The MoAB weighs ~22000 lbs, produces a mushroom cloud visible for a ~20 mile radius, and is capable of such substantial damage that when first tested in 2003 “the Pentagon ordered a legal review to insure that the device wouldn’t be deemed an indiscriminate killer under the Law of Armed Conflict, the body of law that regulates behavior during wartime.” The Pentagon report included the telling comment that “It is expected that the weapon will have a substantial psychological effect on those who witness its use.”

On a positive note, here is a link to a blog post / article about a black female physicist (Dr. Green) using lasers to kill cancer: [link]



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femtechnet.organdrisestronger.org” added tolinks and other resources

News / Happenings:
[link] At the beginning of the month Pornhub launched a sexual health site, and they’re “hoping the free sub-site will become a go-to resource for some of their 70 million daily users on all manner of topics, including STIs, sexual safety and how to manage relationships.”

[link] The FBI may be trying to frame Standing Rock activists as domestic terrorists.


Want to pay a visit to Marco Rubio’s office? Hope ya don’t mind getting ticketed(Creative Loafing)

Watch Constituents Flip Out On GOP Official For Claiming Obamacare Has Death Panels” (Huffington Post)

Sen. Bill Nelson Leads Effort To Protect Scientists From Political Interference(SpaceCoast Daily)



Women’s March St. Pete, 2017

Very proud to have been part of the largest protest in St. Pete, Fl to date.

Initially not expected to be a large affair, by Thursday this past week over 17,000 people had registered to attend the Women’s march. For a while it looked like we would have to march double-file because the city didn’t want to close the streets for insurance reasons. I’m not sure what happened exactly, but at some point while crowds were gathering the police were called to block off the roads. I’m assuming they realized it wasn’t realistic to have such a large protest confined to the sidewalks. Either way, it progressed peacefully and was well organized. Police estimated the total crowd to have been around 20,000. My utmost gratitude to the organizers, volunteers, and fellow protesters.

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Image: a crowd of people at Women’s March St. Pete. A sign reads “We’ll only get nastier.”


No page additions this week, but some important material worth taking a look at:


The link above is to an article from NPR, “the america donald trump is inheriting by the numbers”. A good reference point for the future.


(CW for implied sexual assault in the video linked to in this article)

A very useful commentary by a member of Pussy Riot about political activism and advice for being an activist. 


If you are in Florida representative district 12 please take the time to fill out this brief survey. It is very quick, just some multiple choice selections of what you would like to see addressed in the upcoming year. If this district does not apply to you, please look on your representative’s website, as they will probably have a similar form or survey.

The video linked above briefly covers protester and photographer rights. This includes: the right to assemble and peacefully protest, the right to photograph in public spaces, and the right to deny police access to photo / video without a warrant. 


Finally, it is worth noting that since the innaguration several pages have been removed from the White House website, including the LGBT rights page and references to climate change.

Stay safe and remember to call your representatives on a regular basis,



This week two additions were made to the “Books and Diverse Media” page:

The “Stop Trump Reading List”, published by remezcla.com . A very relevant and important selection of books that includes speculative fiction, exposé, essays, histories, etc.

And “Literary Activism: The Influence of Politics on People” , an article which lists several influential authors and some of their most politically influential books. Includes the likes of Upton Sinclair, Nadine Gordimer, and Sherman Alexie.

Also, here is an article I strongly recommend reading titled “Power to the Pen: The Importance of Writing Our Own Stories“.

In Politics

Here is a link to a blog post with important information about opposing the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. LINK
Please make it a priority to contact your representatives to support the ACA by calling 202-224-3121. If you need a script here is one helpfully provided by Twitter user @KelseyFuller_:

Good morning, my name is ____ and I am a constituent from (city/town/zip code). I care passionately about the Affordable Care Act and advise the Congressman/woman to vote to continue the life saving program. If I do see the congressman/woman vote against the act, they will not have my vote in the upcoming election.
Thank you.

For further information and updates, there is a #SaveACA hashtag trending on Twitter.

Additionally here is a link to a blog post regarding Chelsea Manning’s incarceration: LINK
Here is a link to an article on the subject matter: LINK
Quoted from Tumblr user princehal9000 in the blog post above:

You can call the DOJ at 202-353-1555 and say “Hi I’m [your name] from [your state and town/zipcode] and I would like ask that Chelsea Manning’s sentence be commuted to time served. Thank you for your time.”

Please make time to call on behalf of both of these issues as soon as possible.

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Happy 2017, let us be optimistic and determined to make positive change even in the face of hostile circumstances.

This week a link to “we need diverse books.org” has been added to the Books and Diverse Media page. It appears to focus on elementary and teen age groups and would be a good resource for teachers or parents. I particularly recommend their “Resources> Where to find diverse books” tab.


New York governor announces Free-College plan, which would allow students whose families make less than 125,000 / year to attend public colleges for free.

January 10th (this Tuesday) there will be a hearing in the Florida State Senate for State Bill 140, which will allow open and concealed carry on college campuses, as well as open carry in K-12 schools, local government meetings, and airports.
Please sign the petition against SB 140 here: keepgunsoffcampus.org
Sign up here to attend the hearing on January 10th (2:00 p.m.) in Senate Office Building, Room 110
If possible, donate to the campaign by following this link.
And use this link to email the Senate Judiciary Committee (one click). Click here to send email message >>

Finally, here’s John Carpenter shutting down some neonazis via twitter.

Tweet reads: THEY LIVE is about yuppies and unrestrained capitalism. It has nothing to do with Jewish control of the world, which is slander and a lie.

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12 / 30 / 2016

Updates in the past week include:

Links to Digital Smoke Signals and Libcom.org added to the Links and Other Resources page.

Libcom.org appears to be a useful resource for news and articles. So far, I don’t recommend the “blog” section, it doesn’t seem very regulated or worthwhile. “News” and “history” look more reputable, and the “library”, “gallery”, and “organise” pages seem promising although I haven’t had time to look through them yet.